Riberas College

The Riberas School was born in August 2013, as a result of the dedication and commitment of Promesa Educativa para México A.C. Training boys and girls from families with low economic resources, from the Riberas del Sacramento neighborhood.


Colegio Riberas is part of an international network of schools, which currently has an impact in Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel, South Africa and Mexico, offering education of excellence to children from vulnerable communities.


In Mexico there are 11 schools, in the states of: Coahuila, Sonora, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Puebla, Guanajuato and Chihuahua. The goal is to reach 15 schools in the near future.


In 2019, the first generation 2025 completed primary education, giving way to the beginning of the secondary level at Colegio Riberas, 120 students continued to prepare on the way to university.


51% dedicated to character building.
49% academic training.
Academic education superior to official standards.

The children stay at the College for more than 41 hours per week.

A total of 7 hours a week is taught.

Music sessions as a teaching tool.

Development of fine and gross motor skills, to increase concentration, laterality and retention of what has been learned.

Detection of emotional learning or language problems and attention through psychological and / or family therapies.

Monthly talks and workshops for parents.
Formative and academic talks for new parents.

Balanced food service to complement the development of classes in extended hours.

Application of an educational technology program through the use of tablets.

Sports practice in top quality facilities.

KIPP was born 20 years ago in the United States as a national network of free public schools for disadvantaged communities.

This Educational System has as its principle an alliance between parents, students and teachers who put learning first, which ensures that each one will do what is necessary to help the student learn.

How does it work? The model requires parents to make a COMMITMENT to the education of their children.

We belong to The 1 World Network of Schools that was born in 2014 to unite all KIPP-inspired schools outside the United States.

Transforming the world inspired by the KIPP model.









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