Under the premise of contributing to the social transformation of Chihuahua through education, Promesa Educativa para México, A.C. was founded in 2011 with the mission of effectively instrument creative, permanent and educational programs with high impact and coverage that support the integral development of children and adolescents in a disadvantaged situation.

Our organization initiated activities with the implementation of an educational music program called "Se'Wá" (which in Raramuri dialect means 'to blossom'). It offers children and adolescents ranging from 4 to 18 years old the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and in addition acquire all the benefits that this artistic practice generates. Currently, The Se'Wá Musical System is situated in 15 different locations in the City of Chihuahua including priority and vulnerable areas, benefiting more than 1000 students. The students are given a loaned instrument and are taught by professional musicians. Se'Wá belongs to The National Movement of Musical Community Groups of The National Musical Promotion System.
The purpose of Se'Wá is to promote the integral development of our students by contributing to the restoration of the social fabric, by offering positive activities for their leisure time along with the recovery of public spaces.

In 2013 Promesa Educativa para Mexico, A.C. initiates its second program of action, Colegio Riberas. It is an elementary school with a extended schedule with a social focus in the area of Riberas de Sacramento. Currently it serves 362 children from first to third grade. Our goal is to inspire students to attend University. They are benefitted by an educational program inspired by KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) which is oriented towards both educational excellence and the formation of character. Colegio Riberas is part of The One World Network of Schools; a KIPP Network inspired by educational institutions. Through inclusive and innovative quality education, Colegio Riberas strives to develop our students to their maximum capacities so that they may become successful persons both in their personal and professional lives to provoke a positive change in their community.

In Promesa Educativa para México, A.C., we believe that the sum of efforts is fundamental in order to reach our program objectives, which is why we work in partnerships with other civil organizations, government agencies and private entities. This has contributed to the growth and strengthening of our programs, increasing the number of direct and indirect beneficiaries.



To effectively instrument creative and permanent educational programs with high impact and ample coverage that support the integral development of children and adolescents in a vulnerable, disadvantaged situation.



We contribute to the integral development of children and adolescents, creating equal opportunities through innovative educational programs and the generation of partnerships which impact society in a positive manner.













María Elena Velazco AguirrePresident
Andrea Sepúlveda ElizondoBoard Member
María Isabel Baca FernándezBoard Member
Rosa Elena Corral LozanoBoard Member
Imelda Margarita Kalisch SeyffertBoard Member
Liliana Terrazas SeyffertBoard Member
Patricia Alcocer CastellanosBoard Member
Denise Creel HernándezBoard Member


Marco A. MontañezGeneral Director
Mónica Isabel Caro Sánchez Administrative Coordinator
Ana Elisa Santana TerrazasAccounting Coordinator
Ana Gabriel Minjarez CuevasFundraising
Laura Pamela Chávez OaxacaCommunication Coordinator
Irlanda Martínez DuránColegio Riberas Principal
Mónica Méndez CovarrubiasColegio Riberas – Academic Coordination
Marcela Pérez ContrerasColegio Alsuperarte Principal
-Director of SeWa Musical System
Brenda Marisol Hernández ChaviraProduction and Management Coordinator of SeWa Musical System