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We are an association that implements educational, creative, permanent, high-impact and coverage programs that support the integral development of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.

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Our programs get children and young people to study and do activities in order to strengthen their skills.

School dropout vs national school dropout

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Be part of the future

Discover how you can support children and young people to achieve a better future.

    It is an organization that in addition to offering education and the opportunity to develop in an artistic and sports environment, what Promesa Educativa does goes beyond education, it gives children and young people an opportunity to completely improve their quality of life.

    Brian Ochoa Teacher

    It has been a very beautiful experience, in such a short time that I have been working, I have found great professionals, people, friends, but above all a beautiful family, they have welcomed me in an incredible way, and they have helped me to strengthen me personally and professionally

    Leslie Jaquez Teacher

    Belonging to Promesa Educativa is a great honor, being able to be part of the integral development of children and young people is a path full of many satisfactions. Contribute my grain of sand, it makes me very happy

    Nereyda Jacquez Teacher

    Educational promise is a family where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. It has meant a home for me, where you grow and develop your skills to the fullest. We aim for the same goal, the optimal well-being of children, adolescents and adults

    Yessica Chairez Teacher

    Being part of the educational promise has been a great opportunity to develop my knowledge, skills and abilities. I feel very grateful because I love my job, functions and the team to which I belong has been a great support and personal and professional growth

    Nayeli Gaytán Teacher

    I am proud to be part of such an important institution, which cares about the education of children in vulnerable situations. Being that grain of sand that makes a difference in the future of children, supporting the new generations to finish their studies and training hard-working, entrepreneurial people who change our country.

    Devon Loya Central office

    Educational promise is effort and support. It is to contribute our part to the improvement of Chihuahuan society, in a very important sector: children. With this we sow a seed of hope for a better future

    Fernando Saldaña Central office

    I am very proud to work in an institution like Promesa Educativa, it has become a professional life project, my commitment always to focus efforts and talents so that my time at Promesa leaves a more solid, professional and consolidated institution for future generations and fulfill your mission of bringing quality education, culture and sports to more children and adolescents in vulnerable situations

    Marco Montañez Central office

    Promesa Educativa is a hope of education for vulnerable children and adolescents, a tool that can change lives and the destiny of our country

    Andrea Mares Central office
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